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Our wedding accessories collections range from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. Designed to coordinate all elements of your wedding into one beautiful image to fit your personality and style. Our collection sets typically include a range of bridal and wedding accessories from guest books and pen sets to ring pillows, flower girl baskets, wedding cake toppers and more. The concept is that all items necessary for your reception and ceremony can be consistent within a theme and style.

A wedding with even the most expensive of everything or one created on a very small budget can be brought to an entirely new level with the addition of a few simple and well thought out items. As the bride, they can take you from beautiful to gorgeous on your special day.

Wedding Accesories and Planning Tips

Feather Fascinator with Sequins and Bugle Beads Comb

Glam Wedding Accessories Every Bride Should Never Be Without

The date of your wedding is finally set. And at this point, you have spent a lot of time, cash and effort choosing your wedding dress – a dress that is definitely perfect for you in every angle. However, no matter how elegant your chosen wedding dress can be, your look will never be complete […]

wedding hair accessories

Guide to Wedding Hair Accessories

Finding the perfect bridal hair style is a challenging task all in it self, but once you have found it you want to make sure you accent it well. There are several options available in the wedding hair accessories category. Veil The bridal veil is a traditional yet stylish hair accessory. Bridal veils come in […]

picture perfect couple wedding cake toppers

Choosing Wedding Cake Toppers That Reflect Your Personality and Style

With so much attention placed on the wedding cake, choosing the perfect wedding cake toppers can be a difficult task for any bride and groom. Wedding cake toppers should not only match the style of the cake, but can also be a wonderful opportunity for the new couple to reflect their own personalities, feelings or […]

wedding cake accessories cupcake display

Wedding Cake Accessories- Essentials for Your Wedding Receptions Main Event

One of the main events to take place during the wedding reception is the cutting of the cake. This is the exciting moment that the happy couple gets to share their first piece of cake with each other, often bringing the entire crowd to a roaring laughter. When planning the wedding, there are certain wedding […]

fall wedding accessories collections

Fall Wedding Accessories for Your Ceremony

There are many great things about having a fall wedding. A few reasons include the beauty of nature during that time of year, the cool and comfortable weather and the coziness of that time of year. The rich and beautiful autumn hues or red, orange and brown are lovely and can easily be incorporated into […]

wedding drama

Dealing With Family Wedding Drama

Family+Wedding=Drama it is as plain and simple as that. Oh you have a nice normal family that won’t cause any problems whatsoever? Get ready for some fun because the plays and operas are not the only places full of drama, weddings just happen to be number three on that list and no matter how much […]

hire a wedding planner

10 Questions You Should Ask To Your Wedding Planner

Organizing your wedding is not a piece of cake. There are so many things to consider, and so many details to see to, that many couples prefer to hire a wedding planner to assist them. Wedding planners can take care of every aspect of the wedding, or else just offer advice and assistance to the […]

groom duties

5 Wedding Responsibilities You Should Delegate to the Groom

Whether you’ve been dreaming about your wedding since you were a little girl or you know little more than that a wedding is something that happens after your boyfriend (now fiancé) goes down on one knee, there’s a lot to plan and do to pull your ideal nuptials off without a hitch. In fact, there’s […]