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3 Bridesmaid Gifts With A Unique Twist Comments (0)

Your special day is made that much more so by the people who are involved in making it the best day of your life. As a bride, your bridesmaids have been there for you; be it life-long friends, family members, or new friends, they are the ones you depend on and want to share yournbsp;… [View Details]

6 Ways To Re-Wear A Bridesmaid Dress Comments (4)

Although, bridesmaid dresses are usually of high quality, many people don’t wear them after the wedding. This is because they deem them inappropriate to wear. If you have been a bridesmaid and you still have your dress you shouldn’t shove it into the back of the closet. Here are ways in which you can re-wearnbsp;… [View Details]

Bridesmaids and Groomsman Duties Comments (0)

When the bride and groom ask someone to be a part of their wedding party, there are certain responsibilities and duties that come with the title. The bride and groom choose their wedding party members, who are usually close friends and family to help organize the wedding and make sure everything goes smoothly, during bothnbsp;… [View Details]

How to Handle the Pregnant Bridesmaid Comments (0)

When a bride discovers that one of her bridesmaid’s has become pregnant, this can be both exciting and stressful news. It is exciting to find out that one of your closest and dearest friends is having a baby, but this news can also call for the need to make changes in the wedding arrangements. Dependingnbsp;… [View Details]

How to Unchoose a Bridesmaid Comments (0)

When selecting bridesmaids for the wedding party, the bride will most often choose the closest and dearest friends and family members to help her with the many tasks that are required for the occasion, thus the reason they are called bridesmaids. These include helping to pick the colors and the theme of the wedding, selectingnbsp;… [View Details]

Maid of Honor Duties – 4 Key Responsibilities Prior to the Wedding Comments (0)

Congratulations! You have just agreed to be a maid of honor, but you are not quite sure what you have gotten yourself into! Regardless of whether the bride expects you to plan her wedding alongside her or simply walk down the aisle, there are four important maid of honor duties that you must fulfill innbsp;… [View Details]

When Choosing Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets Consider Pieces She Can Wear Again Comments (0)

When you decide to give your bridesmaid jewelry to wear on your special day, not only does it help them prepare for your wedding day, but now they have a piece of jewelry they can wear many years later. Keep this in mind when purchasing bridal jewelry sets, because as expensive as jewelry can get,nbsp;… [View Details]