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10 Tips To Make Your Wedding More Eco-Friendly Comments (1)

Go Green with your wedding. From “borrowing” items to offering only locally sourced foods, there are may things you can do to have a more environmentally friendly wedding. Being eco-friendly isn’t a one time thing, its a way of life that you can incorporate into your wedding. Many companies are more aware of the impactnbsp;… [View Details]

10 Tips To Wedding Stationary Bliss Comments (8)

Getting married is certainly up there with the most exciting events of your life, but preparing for it can be a challenge. One of the small hurdles that you have to get over in this scenario is figuring out your wedding stationery. If you’re a little bit confused as to what you should be doingnbsp;… [View Details]

4 Inexpensive Ideas for Your Rehearsal Dinner Comments (0)

Your wedding day should, without saying, be one of the finest days of your life. But, for some, this day and all the events associated with it bring on a mountain of planning, countless hours organizing and unforeseen costs at every turn. Chances are you won’t be single handedly supplying all the food for yournbsp;… [View Details]

4 Outdoor Wedding Theme Ideas Comments (0)

Holding a wedding ceremony al fresco has been done since time immemorial, and with good reason. There is nothing more romantic than having Mother Nature in attendance during your nuptials (provided she doesn’t play a naughty trick and makes it rain!) surrounded by lush vegetation and excited guests, all under a canopy of clear sky.nbsp;… [View Details]

5 Steps to a Great Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Comments (0)

Wedding rehearsal dinners are an important part of wedding tradition. These dinners provide the perfect opportunity for the bride and groom to gather the entire wedding party together and present each one with a special gift of thanks. Giving gifts to the wedding party is the traditional way of expressing the couple’s gratitude for takingnbsp;… [View Details]

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding First Dance Song Comments (0)

There’s no right and wrong when it comes to choosing the first dance song for your wedding. The first dance should, as a rule, accommodate the song you want to dance to. The first dance is a highlight of your wedding and also a very personal moment. That is why choosing the song is anbsp;… [View Details]

5 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding or Reception Comments (0)

Even if you want to have a formal wedding indoors, choosing to have the reception outside can be a great excuse for everyone to let their hair down and really celebrate once the knot has been tied. However, there are things that go along with planning an outdoor wedding or reception that may not occurnbsp;… [View Details]

5 Unique Wedding Venue Ideas Comments (0)

When you’re getting married,  you want your wedding venue to be different, entertaining and memorable for every single guest. With such a wide variety of choices available, it can be challenging to find exactly what you want to meet your needs and dreams. The possibilities grow as you take into account the location, time ofnbsp;… [View Details]

6 Tips For A Successful Wedding Photo Shoot Comments (0)

The wedding photography is an important part of your big day. It is your wedding photos that will capture the moments, preserve the memories and give you years of pleasure looking back. So even if you hate having your photo taken, on your wedding day this is one time when you have to smile andnbsp;… [View Details]

Autumn Wedding Ideas Comments (0)

Getting married in the autumn can be a beautiful time – the colors of the trees, the smells in the air. I don’t know about you, but autumn for me marks the beginning of a new life so what could be more fit for a new marriage than an autumn themed wedding. Autumn Wedding Ideasnbsp;… [View Details]